Well, Drummer One OK Rock Tomoya Has Become Father Now



Well finally drummer One OK Rock Tomoya has become a father. Their sign will be renamed One OK Daddy Rock?
Being a father of a child is a special gift. Usually a new father will be waiting for the birth of his first baby with great enthusiasm because eventually he can become a father who will guide his son and feel what it feels like to be a father. The experience of being the new father was felt by the drummer from the band OK Rock named Tomoya.

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Drummer One OK Rock who has the full name Tomoya Kanki has just become a father of the son of the fruit of love with his wife who married in June 2017 yesterday. Happy moments are uploaded in his Instagram account.
The son of the man born June 27, 1987 was born on Sunday, November 5, 2017. He also expressed his delight in Instagram on the birth of his first baby.

This is the meaning of Tomako's Instagram post
"With a small body I give my loudest voice, a man full of energy has been born to me. Only thanks can I say and nice to meet you from now on. We are happy to announce the birth of a healthy baby boy from us. Welcome to this world !!! Thank you for being born. "
Tomoya himself did not want to reveal who his partner to maintain his privacy.

In addition to Tomoya, the guitarist ONE OK Rock Ryota has also given birth to a girl in the preceding month on Saturday, October 21, 2017 and this announcement is delivered in his Instagram account. He also expressed his pleasure to be a father in his Instagram caption.

Ryota himself has married Michelle Lavigne who is the sister of famous singer Avril Lavigne on February 21, 2017. When Ryota announced that she had married Japanese netizens directly suspect that the wife of Ryota is the younger sister of Avril Lavigne and it turns out their allegations are true.
The remaining two members of One Rock OK who have not had children and become daddy rockers is the vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi aka Taka and the base Toru Yamashita aka Toru. Will these two people follow in the footsteps of Ryota and Tomoya and make One OK Rock a band of cool rockstar fathers?
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