Volunteer Work Socialize Fardhu Ain Select Khofifah

jpnn.com, SURABAYA – A number of youths declare themselves as volunteers supporters Khofifah Indar Parawansa, at Ponpes Amanatul Ummah, Surabaya yesterday. These volunteers call themselves Sahabat Khofifah. KH Asep Saifuddin Chalim as the Khofifah support team said the event as it was held today is the initial stage to start the coordination steps of Khofifah Companions. "This is on their ideas and wishes," said Kiai Asep, who is also the caretaker of Pondok Pesantren Amanatul Ummah Surabaya. He mentioned, actually in this declaration Khofifah wanted to attend directly. However, feared by the committee could offend the political party, the intention is not implemented. "This Khofifah Friend will conduct socialization related to fardhu ain (choosing Khofifah, Red). Then socialize no decision PWNU East Java to support Gus Ipul. That way, let's compete in orientation of character and ability. It must be all right, "he said. Khofifah yesterday visited the inauguration of the Board of Hidmah Silaturahim Santri Nusantara at Pondok Pesantren At Tauhid, Sidosermo Street, Surabaya. After that, continue the trip to Malang. He expressed his appreciation for what the volunteers did. To him, it was a form of extraordinary support for him. "If in Surabaya, I give enough appreciation. It turned out to give extraordinary support, "said Khofifah. (bae / no)

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