Vocalist Barasuara, Iga Massardi Appointed So Jury 'Shoot Cool Jam 2018'

Vocalist and guitarist Barasuara, Iga Massardi was involved in the talent search event titled Pucuk Cool Jam 2018. He was appointed as a judge and in charge of assessing any works that enter the competition. According to Iga, Pucuk Cool Jam 2018 is a container that right to prove musical talent and other creativity for teenagers. The reason is that there are so many hidden potentials of the nation's youth but not channeled. "Music is closely related to energy, and energy is also related to inspiration, I remember when my teenager got both of these things in a bursting portion. it's best to start playing music other than adolescence.This is a moment in which dreams seem to be sped up quickly and wild ideas appear in seconds, "Iga said recently.
Iga a jury in 'Cool Jam 2018' Shoot © Personal Documentation
"Overall, Pucuk Cool Jam comes as a container for it all.A good opportunity that can be used not only as a proof, but also as a determinant of the way forward.The event Pucuk Cool Jam is not just about who became champion, but who succeeded find the way, "he continued long.Pucuk Cool Jam which has been held since 2016 then it provides a container of aspiration and creativity for talented young talents. Those who have great interest in art, both in music and other artistic creativity have the opportunity to participate. Pucuk Cool Jam 2018 will visit more than 40 schools in Jabodetabek, Bandung and Cirebon region by using digital platform in its implementation, because this title is audition done digitally. The way is easy, you just register, then send the song material in the form of one cover songs of Indonesian and international musicians. And lastly, you are also required to arrange a Tea Harum Harvesting jingle freely according to your favorite genre. The use of this digital audition platform makes it easy for young children to enroll their school to be visited by Pucuk Cool Jam 2018. Winners also have the opportunity to perform at Pucuk Cool Truck iconic truck from mobiletrone that has been equipped with audio system and LED screen as special stage. Approximately 10 bands and 10 extracurricular selected from the activities of Pucuk Cool Jam 2018 also had the opportunity to show skill at the peak of Pucuk Cool Jam Festival 2018. "Pajuk Cool Jam supports and realizes the young generation of creative, dynamic, brave and achievement," said Juanita as Brand Manager Tea Shoot Harum.
'Shoot Cool Jam' is the right container to channel your musical talent! Personal Documentation In addition to competition, Pucuk Cool Jam 2018 also seeks to develop young musical skill talents. The way is through a workshop by cooperating with SAE Institute Jakarta, an international leading institution in creative media education industry. This synergy will provide musical skill training with more in-depth sessions. "This will be the arena of the rise of creativity and dreams of young art lovers," added Nana Soedarmadji as Creative / Communication Director of SAE Institute Jakarta.
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