Vision Is Always Different, Is Acknowledging Backward As A Shadow Umbrella Vocalist

After several times posting a photo on Instagram that signaled a breakup, recently Mohammad Istiqamah Djamad or more familiar called Is claiming to retreat as vocalist of Payung Teduh. Vision is no longer the same, so the reasons expressed Is about his decision to resign.
"Soon (goodbye from Payung Teduh) New episode time ya nyebutnya.An adventures will end in 2018. I am a retreat anyway.It must pass with a cup of tea and a long chat.It means the vision is different," said Is, met after filling the event in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Central Jakarta, Tuesday night (11/14/2017).
Is himself asserted that there is no dispute between himself and the other band personnel to influence him to retreat. Is to see if the current desire and passion to continue giving birth to work in music began to evaporate from Payung Teduh.
Several times Is hinted parting with Payung Teduh in Instagram ©
"There is no dispute I feel that Payung Teduh eliminates the spirit to keep working, more to now busy in off water so it does not rule out a new album, so now it is boosted, but it should be right."
Furthermore, Is himself then apologized if he had to retreat as vocalist of Payung Teduh. Even so, Is sure if the new album should still be finished and his colleagues will continue to step in the music world without him as a vocalist and frontman figure.
"Sorry to back down, it should be October to November, because we use KFC.Because KFC want to process our music, without disturbing the creativity, they just want to sell our music music we want to be delivered more widely I will not let the ship collapse. they keep walking.I mean they keep going, without me, "he concluded.
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