Viral, Incident Pebalap Throw Sack, It Turns out It Causes

        Mahdaen.TV News – Circulating viral video about unsportsmanlike behavior conducted by a rider in a motorcycle racing championship in Bondowoso East Java, Sunday (12/11/2017).
A rider dropped his competitors by using a circular sack circuit.



He was recorded throwing sacks to a green rider who was speeding, the rider was dropped, his motorcycle dragged and hit the crowd of spectators.
The rider was seen to try to avoid, but karma still apply. He also skidded on the streets.
Apparently, the incident started from cheating rider green bersompi. Previously, he knocked the rider down a fall. Suddenly the rider who was dropped in a rage and waiting for the green biker rider to pass.
Green vest rider did look like to hit the rider he dropped earlier. However, the sling's throws made the green-beaded rider fall.

Bury resentment and anger, the rigged rider chased the green-battered racer.
Suddenly, the cheers of spectators yelled at the rogue driver who ran away from the pursuit of the racer he truncated it.


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