Viral Because Taxable Price Nasgor Tipus, This Man Even Want to Police! PKB Malioboro Thugs?

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Currently food with the form lesehan or sitting on the floor is already widely scattered.
Starting from the street vendors to expensive restaurants there is a model lesehan.
Of course many people who prefer a place to eat lesehan on the roadside or arguably pavement. That's because the place lesehan food on the side of the road usually has a price that is more skewed than the usual restaurant and nice to chat with family or friends.
 • Again and again! Viral Lesehan Malioboro that Price Price Neck Cuts! Eat Gini Aja Nearly 200 Thousand!
However, the shortcomings when eating at streetside lesehan eating places are still many places that do not provide a list of food and drink menu prices.
It is usually used as a few merchants to dredge profits as much as possible, especially when the holiday season arrives, the price is not half-hearted.
Even eating lesehan on the roadside can be expensive restaurant in general.
That's what happened to Facebook user Muhammad Dwiki Bagaskara.
Some time ago he shared the sad story in the Jogja Cegatan Info group on Monday (11/06/2017).

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