VIDEO: The Chief of TTU Police Chief on the Death of Unimor Students in Kos

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Report Journalist POS-KUPANG.COM, Teni Jehanas

POS-KUPANG.COM | KEFAMENANU – Fransiska Maria F. Seran (18) was found dead in his apartment room at the BTN Kefamenanu housing complex, North Central Timor district, Wednesday (1/11/2017) evening.
Third semester student Economic Management Faculty of Economics University of Timor (Unimor) was the first time found his girlfriend Jems around 18.30 pm.
Police have done the crime scene (crime scene) in boarding house Gallilea.
Kosis owned by Elisabeth Taena has been installed police line.
In addition Fransiska Seran's body was evacuated to the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Kefamenanu for divisum.
How did the police respond?
Consider the reviews of Kapolres TTU, AKBP Rishian Krisna Budhiaswanto in this video!

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