VIDEO: Anggika Bolsterli So Brothers

Warta KOTA, PALMERAH – Artist Anggika Bolsterli (22) tries to hone her acting talent in the big screen film, titled 'Mau Jadi Apa', by the actor director Soleh Solihun and Monty Tiwa.
This comedy drama genre film makes Anggika must play a role with the character Fey, women who have the attitude just like a man.
"Fey's role is basically basicly like a woman, but it's like a brother, not a tomboy anymore, but tomboy really like brothers," said Anggika Bolsterli when visiting Warta Kota, in Palmerah, West Jakarta, Tuesday (14/11 / 2017) to promote the movie 'Mau Jadi Apa', along with Soleh Solihun, Aci Resti, Mother Prayer Adjis, and Yusril Fahriza.
Adapted his character as Fey, a woman born in Jakarta, June 21, 1995 it can not tell a lot because of fear too far and read the story of the film produced by Starvision & Millennia.
"Anyway this is a character I've never played at all, so it's great to be able to sharpen my acting talent in comedy and drama," he said. (*)

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