Victoria Beckham and her two healthy drinks to maintain her silhouette

Updated 11/13/2017 12:05
 Victoria Beckham has just revealed her two elixirs with which she keeps her figure. And yes, he does it with excessively healthy habits. Among others? The former Spice Girl and designer takes two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning and a green smoothie with lemon, green apple and kiwi in addition to much, much organic food and fish. We have all the details!

The Beckham are always in the spotlight. And even more, the slim figure of Victoria Beckham that keeps at bay based on much effort and dietary and gastronomic sacrifices, sometimes as bizarre as you can see.
Proof of this is that the designer has just confessed through Instagram her favorite drinks to keep her figure every day and show off radiant skin and detox. It must be remembered that the former Spice Girl claimed to have acne and many imperfections in adolescence that changed as soon as her head dermatologist prescribed the salmon almost daily to have the luminous skin that she has at her 43 years.
The apple cider vinegar, a must before breakfast for Victoria Beckham. Is it as healthy as it looks?
Instagram stories @victoriabeckham Well, in addition to a diet rich in fatty acids, Victoria Beckham has revealed that she takes two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every morning and fasting. And to celebrate such heroism, he has posted on his account "Be brave! Two tablespoons first thing on an empty tummy!" or what is the same "Be brave, two tablespoons, the first habit for a flat stomach" has pointed in several of his stories of IG.
However, has cider vinegar contraindications? This food has its pros and cons. While it is true that accelerates metabolism, eliminates toxins … can also cause damage to the stomach and lower potassium levels dramatically. So it should be taken moderately and diluted in liquid because it can also cause bad breath and damage the enamel of the teeth.
The porridge of organic cereals with red fruits, another of the classic British that is not missing in the breakfasts of the Beckham.
Instagram stories @victoriabeckham To solve our doubts, we asked Gema Cabaero, an expert in antiaging and nutrition aesthetics who assures us that "there are studies and cases of people who can guarantee the intake of apple cider vinegar to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in our body in the form of liquid retention and, therefore, translate into kilos of more. " In addition, apple cider vinegar is rich in trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron … and "makes digestion lighter, balances tension, cholesterol, boosts the metabolic rate and provides a sensation of satiety, "he concludes.
However, do not take it lightly as Beckham does. According to the expert, apple cider vinegar "should be taken diluted in water (it is very acidic) combining it with a balanced diet and exercise and eye, in salads do not mix it with tomato because it produces acidosis", sentence. So drink this drink with caution.
In addition, Victoria Beckham is a fan of green juices in which she alternates fruits and vegetables. Your favorite smoothie? She is a fan of green kiwi smoothie, lemon, green apple, orange, kale, cannigos and coconut water seasoned with some cha seeds that she takes with her whole family in the morning. It is what she describes as "the green Beckham monster", an authentic chute of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.
Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seasoned with soy sauce, one of Victoria Beckham's favorite snacks.
Instagram stories @victoriabeckham To start the day, organic porridge with almond milk without sugar and with red fruit toppings such as raspberries and blackberries is also targeted.
We must also remember that Victoria is a fan of nuts that also includes them and that is taken as a snack, especially sunflower seeds and pumpkin seasoned with a touch of tamari-type soy sauce rich in amino acids.
For lunch, Victoria is a fan of simple salads with white radish, lettuce and lemon juice with judas edamame. And of course, he loves fish, especially salmon and cod, rich in fatty acids and the latter much less hot than other foods.
In short, Victoria Beckham, like Queen Letizia or Jennifer Lopez, has become a true addict of healthy food and healthy habits in her diet and that of her family.

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