Use of Natural Gas, Industrial Production Save 40 Percent

Illustration PGN. Photo: Ist PGN for JPNN, JAKARTA – State Gas Company (PGAS) claims fuel consumption of industrial sector gas can save production cost 40 percent. Therefore, the socialization of the benefits of natural gas, especially to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) continue to be done. "Turning to PGN gas, the industry can save production costs 40 percent of fuel consumption," said Division Head of Corporate Communications PGN Desy Anggia. Currently, call Desy, more and more domestic industries turn to fuel gas. Therefore, natural gas has many benefits. In addition to clean, safe, and efficient, the stock is assured. For example, PT Fajar Surya Tridasa in Bekasi. The paper mill in Indonesia chose to switch from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to natural gas from PGN in the middle of last year because it is cheaper. "Manufacturers of paper that can be efficient 40 percent compared to using LPG," Desy added. Another advantage of consuming natural gas is the presence of various gas distribution. Not limited to pipelines but gas utilization by other methods, such as compressed natural gas (CNG).

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