Touka and Hide Meet

Touka and Hide meet again, of course because they have the same goal. Consider the manga discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 149 below.
In the previous chapter in Tokyo Ghoul: Re, the story's perspective shows how the confused and continuing CCG troops racked their brains to find ways to defeat the Kaneki monster.
In this chapter, the point of view turns to a member of Goat led by Kaneki. If the CCG thinks of a way to kill Kaneki's monster so as not to increase the casualties, it is different from Goat's members who are thinking of ways to save Kaneki alive.
It starts with Tsukiyama who is very depressed with this incident, considering this purple-haired man is very fond of Kaneki. According to him, Kaneki is a good person, he also still has a human heart even though he is Ghoul and has killed many Investigators.

Tsukiyama deeply felt sorry for Kaneki. In his current state, he can not read his favorite book, drink his favorite coffee, or hold his son later.
Before digressing further, Nishiki stops Tsukiyama's words, and says that he also feels the same way. Eventually one by one Goat members began to express the greatness and goodness of Kaneki.
Until finally to Touka. Touka desperately wanted to save Kaneki, because he wanted to inquire about their son's name to King of Goat, arguing that Touka was not very good in Japanese. Everything was just smiling and understanding.

Moving to another location, Akihiro Kanou, a genius scientist who has been working on Kaneki into Ghoul is visiting his mother's funeral, according to Hide in the previous chapter.
Based on the theory, Kanou should have the key to this problem, and can find a way to defeat Kaneki's monster, so he is sought after by CCG members, but Kurona first finds him (as always follows Kanou).
Kanou hopes to visit her mother's funeral calmly, and Kurona immediately takes out her Kagune. Kanou also explains all the findings of Furuta about the previously ignored Ghoul, now beginning to unfold.

Furuta also comes from the Washuu clan, and Washuu is one of the cannibal clans in the eastern country (if following its original mythology, the land is Arab). Washuu clan is a Ghoul clan that always practiced cannibalism, so Kakuja had risen first even when they were born.
Because of this, Kanou uses Rize as a research material that happens to be from the Washuu clan, and Kaneki is a prototype of Kanou's experiment. Kurona is also angry that he and his brother are also part of Kanou's experiment, and he plans to kill Kanou directly in this place.
Unfortunately, Kanou himself is not concerned with all that stuff. He prefers to kill himself using a shotgun. Kanou apologizes to Kurona before he fires his shotgun, he dies.
The CCG party found Kanou's lifeless body, and indicated that he had committed suicide. But this is not an end, because the assistant from Kanou came and brought all the important things related to this experiment.

Return to Goat organization. They are still thinking of ways to save Kaneki. Since the Merpati of CCG are busy evacuating the citizens, this is an advantage for Goat. They plan to approach Kaneki's monster and look for a gap, then dig into Kaneki's body, searching for his real body.
Ayato heard a noise, and Touka took the initiative to approach him. It was Hide, along with Amon and Akira. Hide asks if he wants to dig up the body of Kaneki's monster, Touka is surprised.
Approximately, what is the reason Hide came to Goat? Does this mean Goat is in the strategy Hide has in mind. If so, then the cooperation between Ghoul and man really can happen, what do you think?

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