Tommy Kurniawan Confessed to Be Married in the Near Time

The news of Tommy Kurniawan's relationship with a woman named Lisya Nurrahmi has long been heard. Although still economical talk about the idol of the heart, Tommy admitted that he had started planning a wedding with a woman who works as a flight attendant.
As a first step towards his special day, Tommy Kurniawan admitted that now he began to diligently take care of himself to look more fresh. Not only face care, Tommy also began to adjust the diet to avoid the appearance of acne.
"Treatment is very important. Because at that time had contracted TV right, so often make up. After activities are not cleaned up, plus hormonal so (spotty). Now eating is arranged, used drugs and masks, "he said as quoted from
Speaking of marriage, Tommy promises that he will not marry secretly and will notify the media of his marriage. When Tommy is still reluctant to talk further, but Tommy gives little leak if he will be marrying Lisya in the near future.
"I do not want to be arrogant. I want to (marry) for sure. Invite friends (media) really. Not for long, "he said. "Do not go there ah (discuss the wedding date). Just pray for the best aja. If I, let it flow, let God govern all. "

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