Throwback to Monkey Love Era!

        Source: https: //korea.iyaa.comSeventeen or Seventeen Love is the latest drama on the Today Channel Line. This drama successfully made the throwback audience into the era of love of monkeys and beautiful school days once.
Seventeen is a web drama that in every episode is only about 4 to 6 minutes long. Although the duration is very short and most of the players are rookie actors and actresses, but the drama that tells about love and friendship is quite gained widespread attention from Korean drama lovers.
The story in this drama shows five friends who are remembering their school days. They are Kim Se Ri (Yoo Hyein), a girl who aspires to be a singer; his best friend Lee Seul Bi (Kim Doori); Seul Bi's neighbor Han Hae Sung (Kang Yul); Ha Joon (Shin Joo Hyup) the playboy; and Ji Eun Woo (Kim Dowan) who came later in the meeting.

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Episode 1 opens with a backdrop of 2017 when four of these five friends meet in Ha Joon's restaurant. When meeting, they all compactly ask how Se Ri can be invented with Eun Woo.
Source: YouTubeWhile in high school, Se Ri and Eun Woo like dogs and cats. Just look-they've been fighting. From there the four friends began to remember their school days.
Eun Woo really loves Se Ri. Starting from sending him to pay bus fare, grab his food, taunt him short, to give him a milk that has expired.
Sources: https: //korea.iyaa.comOne day suddenly Eun Woo expressed his feelings to Se Ri. Se Ri who initially has a degan, suddenly ilfeel because Ha Joon came and taunted him for being deceived, the article that day is April 1 (April Fool).
Since then, Eun Woo is constantly "shooting" Se Ri. Starting from screaming in front of everyone at break time, to send a message containing the word "JA DI AN" in the middle of the lesson.
Source: YoutubeKarena upset with the behavior Eun Woo, Se Ri was invited him ketemuan and said that he has had someone he likes. Eun Woo also confessed that he knows the guy Se Se likes. Se Ri was shocked, but it turns out Eun Woo again mengerjai Se Ri and said that it is April Fools.
Back to the year 2017, hearing Se Ri's story, Seul Bi was curious and did not understand how in the end both can dating.

Throwback to beautiful school days
The storyline in episode 1 makes the audience flashback into the monkey love age. From the first hate and kesel with someone so long liked and miss the ignorance. #hayo confessed, who ever experienced that?
This drama may also restore your memories to the figure of the first love who may now have no idea what it is.
Source: Youtube Not just that, for those who already work or college now, Seventeen will also make you miss the school period and want to go back to that era.
Episode 1 is also a bit offensive that maybe now we are busy with new friends, spouses, and tasks and jobs. But maybe a brief reunion and silly chats with old friends can refresh your energy again.
Btw, why Seventeen did not get the perfect score is because (the personal opinion is this) the chemistry between the players looks still awkward and their acting is still a bit stiff. If they improve their acting skills, maybe I will give a perfect score for this drama.
Overall, although the drama is very short and the players are newbie actors who still need to hone their acting skills, but Seventeen is worth it for watching.
Instead of being curious, check out this Seventeen episode 1.
Watch Seventeen episode 1 at: LINE Today
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