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For the geeks who follow one of the series hits Netflix Stranger Things, surely you are treated to a very strong 80's culture. Certainly not without reason both director Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer have raised the 80's theme in the series, the two directors are reportedly keen to pay homage to some of his predecessor director films like Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and James Cameron throughout the series of Stranger Things. Not to forget The Duffer Brothers also slipped the name of Stephen King in some scenes Stranger Things as a tribute.
Geeks who have watched Stranger Thing season 2, certainly a lot of scenes that highlight some of the main elements of the 80s movie favored by American children at the time, as well as the biggest influence for the director Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer who made this series a success. The curious geeks of what 80's movie inspired Stranger Things? So check this out Geeks! (Stranger Things Spoiler Alert!)

Ghostbuster (1984)

Geeks must have realized that the four main characters of Stranger Things are in Ghostbuster-style uniform. In the story. Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will come to their school wearing Ghostbuster uniforms to celebrate Halloween, they are even mocked when using Ghostbuster costumes at school for not realizing that the day has not yet entered Halloween celebrations.
Throughout Stranger Things season 2, these four childhood characters can be counted on just a few scenes using this Ghosbuster costume. But there is one scene where Dustin actually uses the Ghostbuster weapon just like in his movie. The scene is when Dustin finds Demogorgon's baby in his house's dustbin and puts it into a weapon just like what was done when Ghostbuster caught the ghost into the tool. Through the scene is a way of honoring Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer to Ghostbuster movie into something really played in the series Stranger Things.
E.T. (1982)

The influence of E.T movie in Stranger Things seems to be very large, the influence was initially widely proven during the first season of Stranger Things. Such a scene shows when Eleven is threatened and hunted down by people from Lab Hawkins for no apparent reason. Not only in the first season of Geeks, the influence of E. Steven Spielberg's film is also still shown in Stranger Things season 2.
The influence is shown when Dustin begins to realize the monster that he keeps (Dart) turns into a dangerous creature, he rushes to lock the monster inside the cellar and he waits outside while frightened. The scene is the same as Elliot's character in the movie E.T nervously fished E. out of her own warehouse. In addition to the geeks shown the relationship that occurs between Will and The Shadow Monsters, the scene is reminiscent of the relationship that occurs between Elliot and E.T just different from the aspect of the story.
Aliens (1986)

In Stranger Thing season 2, Geeks must have been introduced with a doctor named Sam Owens. A Doctor from Hawkins Lab is portrayed by actor Paul Riser who seems to be reprising his role in Aliesn's film by director James Cameron in 1986. In the Aliens film he also plays the character of an astute Doctor named Carter Burke, who is an employee of the Weyland-Yutani lab . Duffers duo director had told Entertainment Weekly to choose Paul Riser in Stranger Things, the reason is that they want to remind the character of Paul Riser in the movie Aliens to the audience.
In addition, the similarities between Queen Alien and Shadow Monsters have been shown in Stranger Things season 2. The two antagonistic creatures have both soldiers with Shadow Monsters having Demogorgon soldiers. Another kesaamaan is when James Hooper trapped in The Upside Down and buried in the world until finally Bob & Joyce found his body. Apparently the scene is the same as that experienced by Dr.Carter Burke in Aliens movie, but the scene was eventually removed from the movie scene directed by James Cameron.
The geeks are the three films that inspired Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer for Stranger Things. Certainly we can not wait to be done by the duo of the director in Stranger Things season 3, which surely Geeks already know that Stranger Things season 3 will have a timeline with a 2-3 year period from the story in Stranger Things season 2.


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