This is the 5 Best Teuku Rifnu Wikana Film, the Best FFI 2016 Act Winner

The best row of Teuku Rifnu movie follows prove if this man born Pematangsiantar worthy of the best actor awarded Indonesia.
A number of names that managed to bring home the Citra Cup announced, Saturday night (11/11) yesterday. One of the happiest in the event the Indonesian Film Festival 2017 is Teuku Rifnu Wikana. For the first time, he managed to bring home the Citra Cup in the category of Best Actor.

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As the best actor, certainly a lot of movies that have starred by Teuku Rifnu. has summarized five of Teuku Rifnu's best films to date.
1Laskar Pelangi

Debuting on the big screen stage through the movie Mengejar Matahari, Teuku Rifnu is slowly becoming a calculated actor. Although initially only as actor role only.
One of the big movie ever starring Teuku Rifnu is Laskar Pelangi film directed by Riri Riza. Appointed from the successful novel written by Andrea Hirata, Rifnu appeared as a teacher figure named pak Bakrie.
Bakrie prefers to leave his idealism teaching in the Muhammadiyah elementary school which is in a very improper infrastructure and moved to a more promising school.
2Trilogi Merah Putih

Got enough facial lines "gahar" make Teuku Rifnu often involved in action-themed films. One of them is Red and White Trilogy namely Red and White (2009), Blood Garuda (2010), and Merdeka Heart (2011).
In the film that the theme of Indonesian struggle against the invaders, Rifnu appear as one of the cadets named Dayan. Dayan's character is quite interesting, since he is a Balinese army who lacks the ability to speak.
Thanks to its role, Rifnu was nominated as Best Supporting Actor at Indonesian Movie Awards 2011 event.
3Di Turn 98

As the title suggests, the film directed by Lukman Sardi tells the story of the May 1998 incident in which the people of Indonesia succeeded in overthrowing the new order government under the auspices of President Soeharto.
The film takes several different viewpoints. The first is the story of Diana's family (Chelsea Islan), Salma (Ririn Ekawati), and Bagus (Donny Alamsyah). The second is the story of Daniel (Boy William), Diana's girlfriend who is ethnic Chinese and both participate in the activities of student affairs. The last is the story of a scavenger family consisting of the father (Teuku Rifnu Wikana) and the child (Bima Azriel).
This film successfully presents how dark incidents 98 from different perspectives.
4I Want Mother Go Home

The next best Teuku Rifnu movie is I Want Mother Home. This drama film tells the life of Jempol (Jefan Nathanio) who has a very loving parent of Bagus (Teuku Rifnu) and his mother Sartri (Nirina Zubir).
The humble family lived happily until one day the father of Jempol had an accident at work. Having no money for medical treatment, Sartri was forced to steal money at work.
Knowing what his mother did, Jompol was angry. Their quarrel led to Sartri's departure from home and at the same time made the main conflict in the film.
Acting Teuku Rifnu slick in this film to bring himself won the Best Male Actor nomination in Indonesian Movie Actors Awards 2017
5Night Bus

The best Teuku Rifnu movie of course is Night Bus. Two hours gripped on a bus full of terror, successfully delivering the film directed by Emil Heradi is winning the Best Film title in the event FFI 2017 beat Devil Devils.
Not until there, the main character, Teuku Rifnu, also won the Best Actor title for the first time.
Different from other Indonesian films, Night Bus offers a simple but exquisitely executed trip. The combination of storyline, brilliant performances of its players, as well as stunning visual effects and computer generated imagery (CGI), gives a new sensation than similar action films.

Well where is your favorite Teuku Rifnu movie?

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