This father succeeded in making his MEKA robot D.Va

        If you see the D.Va cosplay from Overwatch, which you see is good because the D.Va cosplayer, not the MEKA if it exists. But this father will change everything. She makes her D.Va MEKA well and truly alive!
Looking cosplay D.Va alone without MEKA it may be according to a number of lovers cosplay is quite satisfactory. If any robot MEKA D.Va, the audience just stay focused with beauty and curves D.Va only. Because usually if any one makes MEKA, almost no one wants to pay attention (but thanks for trying).
Outside of the case above, there is a pair of American dads and kids who are cosplayer pairs making real MEKA robots. MEKA they make can move and can be climbed for the size of adolescent girls.
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Reporting from a foreign media outlet, Mike Karambat, the father who realizes this unthinkable MEKA D.Va robot for his daughter, Amanda. Together they make the MEKA robot for 6 months and the result …. Wow! You can see for yourself. The production process can also be seen on Instagram and YouTube them.
Besides being able to move with a fairly realistic foot movement, MEKA made by Mike is also able to shoot (meaning to rotate his gatling gun and make a shot). In addition, MEKA was installed speakers and issued a dialogue typical D.Va.
It was stated by Mike that the cost for the production of MEKA D.Va robot for Amanda was not more than a thousand American dollars or less than 14 million rupiah. Great numbers for Indonesians, but in America, that's a small number. What's more, they use more cheap materials and makeshift equipment.
Source: Flickr Hive MindDear Mike makes this MEKA D.Va robot is for his daughter, Amanda who will be cosplaying to D.Va at Dragon Con 2017 event in September 2017 in Atlanta.
There, it can be said MEKA made by Mike and Amanda is the only MEKA living in the event of Dragon Con 2017 for being the only MEKA that can move.
Source: InstagramAtas effort, Amanda get the title Best in Show: Masters in pickled Dragon Con 2017. Judging from his Instagram account, they seem to be making another new cosplay project that is no less cool.
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