The Story of a Haunted House of Love

El secreto de Marrowbone or also known by a more simple title Marrowbone is an incredibly emotional family tragedy drama, packed as a horror story about a haunted house.
Quite a lot of nice horror movie variations in 2017 this year. There is an IT: Chapter One that combines elements of horror films with classic adventure films like The Goonies or ET: The Extraterrestrial, Get Out which holds a lot of subtext about racism, and Happy Death Day which combines elements of slasher film with Groundhog Day timeloop packed in a black comedy show.

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However, among the three horror films that were popular with the audience, a Spanish-language horror film titled Marrowbone, which had "gentayangan" at some of the famous film festivals this year, but was barely audible, before it finally aired for one night only in the cinemas of the country.
Looking at his trailer, maybe Marrowbone looks like a typical horror movie complete with a very distinctive formula. The old, secluded house that has not been occupied for a long time? Check. The emergence of paranormal activity after a family member died? Check. Teenagers and children who become protagonists? Check. Little brother who is sensitive to mystical things? Check it out!
Are people starting to run out of new ideas to create horror movies? Could be, can not. Because the writer and director Sergio G.Sanchez (The Orphanage, The Impossible) wants to trap audiences into a terrific cliche premise, but then "throw" them into a distant spectacle, MUCH more special than what might have crossed your mind when reading the synopsis.

Taking a background in 1969, after their parents divorced, four brothers Jake (George Mackay), Billy (Charlie Heaton), Jane (Mia Goth), and Sam Marrowbone (Matthew Stagg) were forced to move from England to his childhood home Mother who is on the outskirts of a small town in America.
Unfortunately, the mother soon fell ill and died. Not wanting Mother's childhood home taken by the landlord, Marrowbone brothers are forced to hide the mother's death from others, and the condition forces them to withdraw from their lives outdoors and confine themselves.

6 months after the death of the mother, Marrowbone brothers live with increasingly apprehensive conditions. Jake, the eldest son was forced to become the head of the family who had to live his three siblings who lived isolated, away from the crowds of the city. Their condition is aggravated when a mysterious ghost appears to harass them.
Despite living in a gripping and distressing condition, these four sisters have sworn allegiance to one another, that there will be no one, or anything that can separate them. Whatever the risks. Whatever the stakes.
What makes Marrowbone so special? Check out the full review on the second page!

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