The rich! Here Is A Little Idol Who Owns A Black Card!

        source: thehuntBlack Card is commonly owned by corporate executives and businesspeople. But it turns out there are also Korean celebrities who have the Black Card. Anyone yes approximately?

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With the popularity of K-pop that has been worldwide as it is today, not difficult for Korean celebrities to produce money purse coffers. Whether it's from album sales, merchendise sales or from royalties.

There is one thing that menunujukan how rich an idol is if he has a Black Card.
Black Card is an unlimited credit card owned by only 0.05 percent of Koreans. To be able to get the Black Card is also a lot of requirements, one of which is having an income of up to 200 million won (about RP 2.4 billion) each year.
Immediately aja yuk we refer who wrote about who has this unlimited credit card!
source: allkpopDilansir from koreabizwire, GD is the first Korean celebrity to get this Black Card. GD is known not only as a leader of BIGBANG, but also a songwriter, entrepreneur and even fashion designer. GD grabbed the money purse from his own sweat.
No wonder if GD given Black Card because the total wealth until januari 2017 and has reached USD21 million (about Rp283 billion). Not to mention the benefits he got after performing his solo concert titled Act III: M.O.T.T.E around the world.
2Suho EXO
source: twitter In Exo's reality show Exo's Showtime, EXO members are required to unpack the contents of their wallets. Surprisingly in Suho's wallet there is only money of 10,000 Won (about Rp120 thousand) only.
It makes the members laugh at him, but Suho added that he does not need the cash he just needs one card that is Black Card.

Suho who also served as a leader is indeed a success to bring the name of EXO heard around the world. Not only that, it turns out Suho also has parents who come from among the top profession as a professor.
source: allkpop Following the leader, another member of BIGBANG who also owns Black Card is Choi Seung Hyun or often greeted with TOP. In addition to being a rapper in BIGBANG, TOP is also known as an actor and model. In addition, TOP also get a lot of royalties from his 55 songs that he listed on KMCA.

In addition to idol above, currently other idols have also started many who have a versatile credit card that. Among the former personnel 2ne1, CL and Dara, and member BTS, Suga, also reportedly has a Black Card.
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