The Recognition of Curanmor Performers is Good, Without Tool Only 5 Minutes, BALIKPAPAN – Agus Fahruzal Sulaiman alias Eman, 33, quite shrewd in performing the act of motor theft. Without any equipment, he admitted it only takes five minutes to be able to steal a motorcycle. However, no matter what, the action stalled also after arrested team Jatanras Polres Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Encountered in the examination room, Eman admitted picky when stealing. Every motor he wants must be unlocked. Because it is easier and do not have to bother to unlock the lock. His efforts are done every morning. Make use of the dark and lonely atmosphere. "I took approximately 2 am. I take a walk first. Look around if there is a motor that is not locked handlebars. After that, I push a little away and quiet. Then I try to break the power cord under it and I connect again to turn on the motor, "he explained, Monday (13/11). He also practices how to turn on the motor. His right hand crawled under the hood of the motor's headlights. Fingered a number of cables with his expertise, arranging for the electric motor to turn on. Less than five minutes, the light on the motor speedometer lights up. The motor engine sign is ready to be turned on. "Depends too long. Sometimes it can be up to five minutes more, "continued the man who was arrested Sunday (12/11) early this morning.

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