The Ravishing Cake of Via Vallen's Cake Shop in Kampung Jokowi!

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The Crispy Race of Via Vallen's Cake Shop in Jokowi Village! – Who does not know the new dangdut singer Via Vallen? This East Java singer has become one of the most popular dangdut singers today because of his style when singing on stage is not excessive plus a melodious voice.
Now singer song this darling even more widened its wings in the entertainment world homeland. Even his pretty face is often riwa-riwi in a number of television programs to be a guest star or sing.

But Via was then not rely on his opinion just from singing lho. Reportedly he tried his luck in the business field of opening a shop business in the number one man's home in Indoneisa, Jokowi namely in Solo.

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Via Vallen cake shop is also named 'Vallens Cake' was deliberately opened in Solo. which was officially opened today by Via, on Monday, November 13, 2017.
Copyright © Liputan6As the princess's daughter, this Sidoarjo singer goes to the cake shop paraded by the palace soldiers by sitting in a chair and being guided by the soldiers. Inevitably, the road users who were crossing the route through the procession carnival hailed and photographed the action of the paraded Via. He also with a smile semringah waved to the community who greet along the route.
Arriving at the cake shop Vallens Cake is located at Jalan Lsamet Riyadi No 522 Solo, he immediately greeted guests of hundreds of fans who awaited him since early morning and this morning. After that, chanter "darling" it went straight to the kitchen making cake to check and see up close the process of making.
Copyright © Liputan6Then the peak of the cake show's opening ceremony is marked by cutting the flower ribbon by Via Vallen. Then, the singer was instantly transformed into a store cashier by wearing an apron and handed her cake merchandise to buyers who have long line up.
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On that occasion, Via also admitted if the cake shop Vallens Cake in Solo is the first time that opened. He was also known as Solo Solo because it contributed greatly in his career. His career as a dangdut singer growing rapidly in the city.
"Via the first work (singing) in Solo around the year 2009 ago. In addition, his fan base Via started appearing also in Solo. For Via, Solo is the second home, "he said, Monday, November 13, 2017.
Copyright © TribunFans in Solo City and surrounding areas, he thinks his enthusiasm is quite high. In fact, Vyanisty first appeared in Solo. "Solo for Via is extraordinary," he said. Opening a cake business, according to Via Vallen, becomes one way to prepare for the future. The reason, singing it will not be forever and there is a time.
After Solo, Via does not yet know which other city will be targeted to set up the next cake shop. It's just that personally, he wants to open a similar branch in his hometown of Sidoarjo.
The shop sells cake with six flavor variants, among them via chocco, melpnisty, a pandanus, sawangan cheese and taro lovers. The cake is sold with prices ranging from Rp49 thousand to Rp55 thousand. Beminat try? Let's take a Via Vallen cake shop in Solo!

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