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The advertising and information campaign of the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" is designed to motivate the public to read printed publications

Today, Rossiyskaya Gazeta launches an advertising and information campaign that promotes interest in reading print media. This idea is illustrated by the visual advantages of paper sources of information in comparison with their electronic competitors. The main goal of the campaign is to warn the audience against "rash reading", drawing readers' attention to the unique features of printed publications. Reading on the paper professional journalistic materials, are assured by the developers of the campaign, contributes to more thoughtful mastering and comprehension of information. "Receiving news and any other information on the Internet, we tend to only use information superficially, not really appreciating it and sometimes even not memorizing it. This happens when reading on the Internet because of the mass of distractions, not to mention the unreliability of information from questionable sources, "says Maria Shashayeva, head of the Russian newspaper's marketing unit. Developers of the advertising concept hope that the campaign will help a younger audience to think about the problem of the superficiality of information consumption on the Internet, and the older generation will again remind about the value of printed publications. The campaign involves various distribution channels: federal and regional media (television and radio), outdoor advertising in major cities of Russia's regions, social networks. Audiovisual and visual advertising on transport, including in the Moscow metro, on trains of Russian Railways is planned. The concept of the advertising campaign is fully developed and implemented by the staff of the "WG".

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