the new Netflix series with the tunes of Stranger Things

Do you drag yourself from bed to work each morning, with the waxy complexion of those who no longer believe in anything?
Nothing more normal, you are probably in need of badass geeks who evolve with a worried but delicious nonchalance. In short, you are done binger Stranger Things and you bother copiously.
But Netflix will not let you lose confidence in it, and has planned something you down slowly …
Dark, the stranger-like series Stranger Things

Foutage mouth or stroke of genius? Germany offers a brand new series (Written by Jantje Friese and directed by Baran Bo Odar) whose similarities with Stranger Things are disturbing to say the least.
See instead:

Halfway between That, the horror card of the year, and the series of Matt and Ross Duffer, Dark takes root in a small German city, where the disappearance of two young children unveils the broken relationships within four families.
A series in which there should be fantastic elements, supposed to plunge the spectator into total terror. And this, during 10 episodes of almost an hour!

On paper, I sign immediately. However, the trailer leaves me a little puzzled: would not it be a copied / pasted Stranger Things stakes?
Answer December 1st on Netflix!
And if you are interested in Nordic productions, I have a little advice to give you: do not hesitate to look at Jordskott, an absolutely fascinating Swedish mini-series!
I also think you concoct a small article on this subject, to reveal everything of his suspense …
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