the major version Quantum is available

After several months of beta, the new major release of Firefox is here. Numbered 57, this new version is so important for the browser that it even has a name: Firefox Quantum. On the menu: a lot of things.
A resolutely more modern and powerful version
First of all, the Mozilla browser seriously reviews the appearance of its interface (which includes a default default URL bar combined) and offers welcome features like the integration of Pocket, the ability to take screenshots. screen, synchronize online elements or even the advanced support of VR and video games.
This new interface, supported by a new multi-process compatible rendering engine and better optimized, also allows Firefox to be "twice as fast" as the previous version, 30% lighter than Chrome for RAM consumption and more reliable in case of an element crash. However, attention to your extensions since unless an update from developers to transform their addons to WebExtension format, only compatible now, many may not be compatible with this new version.
Download Firefox 57 Quantum
To download Firefox 57 without waiting for the automatic update, go to this page where are available the Windows versions (32 and 64 bit), MacOS and Linux (32 and 64 bit).

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