The Habit Used by Warnet Gamers of Old

Cybercafe may be a place frequented by young people of old. Warnet seems to be a second port for gamers in addition to PlayStation rentals.

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For Kids today, the cafe is no longer a favorite place and this is evidenced by the fewer cafe businesses on the outskirts of the capital. Maybe kids now more interested in playing to the cafe, mall, or other hangout.
Naturally, such things happen because now more children get the facility to play games. The easy-to-install internet connection with a variety of easy-to-find bandwiths and PCs makes children reluctant to go to internet cafes to play games.

In addition, today's parents are also more tech-savvy than old parents. Currently parents are more priority to install wifi at home, while the old days not so. Let alone wifi, internet is difficult.
Whenever there may be only for the upper middle class only. Departing from there, I thought to make an article about gamers warnet ancient. Understandably, I used to feel like a cafe gamer.
Parents who do not allow to install wifi at home in the end forced me to go to the cafe so that the desire to play my game is met, hahaha.
This article is also expected to make children today know the life of the gamers warnet ancient. Immediately, will discuss the habits of internet cafe gamers who made the past.
1Life Like a Zombie

Do you know that the earliest lives of children of cafes like zombies? The point is not to frighten people while running and then kill him lho ya. Zombies here are they like not having another life.
The enthusiast gamers in the cafe can be said to have a life that so-so alone. I am well aware of this because I myself have felt it myself. Generally, enthusiast gamers in the cafe will play games from morning until early morning. Then they will sleep for a while in the cafe and will turn on the PC again when they're up. Eat will they do while playing games.
Life like this will be done repeatedly by the gamer enthusiast this. So do not be surprised if the gamer who dedicate themselves to gaming has a character that is classified as very strong.
Maybe even they are idols in the game. But of course it tends to lead to negative things because their health will decline and become anti-social.
But even so, of course there are also even become successful people in the game world loh.
2 Watch people play

Old-time cafe gamers of course often nontonin people who are playing games. Especially when there is a very strong character owner in the game that was hits in the cafe.
Once satisfied watching, then they will wonder to the owner of the character. I am extraordinarily uncomfortable when this happens, but back again that it is what makes playing games in the cafe is more alive, hahaha.
Because of the criticism and suggestions that is also ultimately we can get a lot of friends in the cafe and eventually may be successful together. An example is a lot of famous e-Sport athletes who attended the beginning to meet in the cafe.
3Nakak Billing

Perhaps the most uncomfortable of playing games in the internet cafe is billing affairs, hahaha. Cheap billing with excellent service will be the best choice for gamers to visit in the past.
The old-fashioned gamers will feel and do the name delinquent billing. Understand it because the old gamers that make the cafe where they play as a second home.
The operator or guard will also personally know the subscription personally, either ask for a mobile phone number or know the house of its customers to prevent something unpleasant happen.
So it is often once the old cafe was a loss because of the many people who are in arrears billing. My cousin for example has never been billing up to 1 million rupiah! when in the past if you want to play internet cafe 5 hours or happy hour, we just spend money 10 thousand rupiah.
This problem is more complicated when the delinquent is blurred and is not known to exist.
Habit let alone yes that gamers cafe ancient? Page 2 is the answer, hahaha.

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