The Graduation Words of the Graduates of PGRI University Create Newest Invite Guests



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Report Reporter POS-KUPANG, Maria A E Toda
POS-KUPANG.COM | KUPANG – Foundation Pembina Institute of Higher Education (YPLP) PT.PGRI NTT PGRI NTT University held Graduation Ceremony period November 2017 as many as 66 graduates at the Hotel Aston Kupang, Tuesday (14/11/2017).
Student Representative, Darius Oki said, for 7 years he was waiting for this moment. "I finished my thesis in 2015, when the University of PGRI NTT was hit by a big problem to date and I am determined to keep fighting for this alma mater," he said.
He said that graduated students, especially himself, become victims of the fighting of the leaders.
According to him, the President continues to work to improve education and all the children of the nation can receive education, but until now the reality is not so, there are many children who become victims, as happened in NTT, namely University of PGRI NTT where there is division between two camps .
"We are all struggling for the PGRI Institute to remain in this Flobamora earth, as one of the institutions that contribute to the development of education in NTT," he said. (*)

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