The event occurred when the private elementary school students were resting

Based on information obtained, events occur when the private elementary school students are resting. They then buy food and drinks that are in front of the class within the scope of the school.

Some students buy lychee flavored drinks. According to their confession, the taste of the snacks he bought was a bit bitter. Before long, 13 children who consumed the drink felt nauseated.

School immediately coordinate with the police and Puskemas Turen. "Police officers and schools are ready to bring poisoning victims to Puskemas Turen, and two students from 13 were not taken to the puskesmas because they were recovered," Turda police chief Agus Guntoro told on Tuesday (14/11).
Of the 11 students who were rushed to Puskemas Turen, eight of them were already allowed home. While three people are still being treated for the needs of observation.
Agus explained, the sample of beverages in the packaging was already dilaboratoriumkan by health workers from Malang regency. The goal is to find the exact cause of the students' poisoning cases.
The cause of poisoning is not a product that has been expired. Because the expiration date of the drink is still 2018. This drink can be damaged only by stored in a room exposed to sunlight.
Meanwhile, officers from the Turen Police Squad also conducted an investigation into the case. "The samples have been taken by health workers to be collaborated, and then we will meet the exact cause," he concluded.

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