The aggression that could have cost him his life

                    Thibault Kuro had the fear of his life. Far from his love Jessica, in Australia for the shoot of the new season of the Marseillais (W9), the beautiful brown was victim of an aggression that could have been fatal. On Snapchat, ex-darling Shanna Kress recounts the incident.

While driving on the highway at the wheel of his "racing car" Sunday, November 12, 2017, Thibault Kuro was attacked. "Some young people in a car in front of me, on the left lane, threw me a kind of lamp or something with glass to burst my wheels, but in fact, you could have made me die." -t it.
Shocked, the former candidate of the Angels of reality TV 6 and 7 (NRJ12) takes the opportunity to push a joke. "At worst, if you do not love me, the best is that you do not calculate me, but do not kill me," he says to his haters "I still have a few years to live. 'would like to live!' And to add: "There, it is hot anyway to arrive at a level a little dangerous."
More fear than harm for Thibault Kuro who comes out physically unscathed from this accident.

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