Take a look at Kirana Larasati's OOTD Yuk, Take a look at the Mini Skirt Price She Wants to Gaw Up!

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – All of you must be familiar with the figure of a beautiful artist, Kirana Larasati?
Yaps, now may have rarely appeared on the television screen, but his name is still very well known by his fans.
Especially for the appearance, somewhat glamorous and fashionable every day.
Let's say this one, when doi appear so simple and seem very fashionable.
 • Was offered Old Man Ojek, This Girl At first Fear, but He Try to Dare, Finally Make Nangis!
However, you will be surprised by the nominal price of mini skirts that use, make gawked wide.

instagram.com/fashionselebritiKirana looks feminine with the bandage, black shirt tops combined with mini skirts and boots and carrying camera bag.
Let us review one by one yuk for the price and fashion brand he uses.
Black Tshirt with Marc Jacobs is valued at $ 150 or the range of Rp 2 million.
Camera bag is pink, output from Marc Jacobs brand and the price can reach Rp 4 million.
As for the mini skirt gold color, could be priced at around $ 1,800 or reach USD 24.3 million.
So, with so much budget doi in looking once to attend the event.
Continue gimana tuh ya, really does the mini skirt he used to accomplish that much?
Make a gawk and blush the real chest deh if the price is so much. (TribunStyle.com/Sinta Darmastri)

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