Sophisticated Smartphones, Can Fly Like Drones – Competition in smartphones is getting tougher. Smartphones are presented by vendors are also diverse with all sophistication of the technology. Like any brand-new smart phone from LG. Sophistication can fly like a drone or a drone aircraft that is now increasingly loved. Its function is also not much different. Ability that can swim in the sky and produce images from other angle. Estufs reported Monday (13/11), the smartphone was designed in such a way that it can swing when users use it for video calls. In addition, users will also be able to selfie from the air. Not only that, besutan LG smartphone is also designed to be able to fly 360 degrees. Users can do any activity whether it's a cliff jump, swim, paragliding, or anything without leaving the smartphone. Other special features added to this smartphone are the self-charging and 5000cd high-intensity flashlight, which is exclusively set for night mode.

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