Sony Extends Playstation Plus for Natural Disaster Victims

Natural disasters always come unexpectedly, and not infrequently the disaster spread to several other areas. With the initiative, Sony extends Playstation Plus for free on victims of natural disasters.

Natural disasters are not something planned. Man can predict the coming of disaster but we can not prevent it. The disaster always comes at an unwanted time, it can even happen very long. Sony took the initiative to extend Playstation Plus for victims of natural disasters for free, especially for storm victims Irma and Harvey.
Today, the storms of Irma and Harvey are still attacking America. Various areas are affected, especially for locations like Florida and Texas. The effects of this catastrophe are quite large, many of which must be evacuated to avoid this storm. The surrounding area is also at least experiencing a prolonged die lamp.
Floods caused by Hurricane Irma Source: During the week of this natural disaster, many of the Playstation gamers who can not play remember the natural disaster that is facing very dangerous. And Sony is very sorry when the subscription of their Playstation Plus charred for free.
Sony took the initiative to extend the subscription of PS Plus for those who have subscribed to Plus services. Sony added subscriptions for as much as a month, enough to cover a few days of access limitations for playing the Playstation console.
To get this free subscription, gamers must previously subscribe to PS Plus and until now still not burnt his time. If this provision is agreed, then Sony will send an email indicating that the user will get a Playstation Plus extension.

Until now, the mail delivery process is still not fully resolved. In fact there are some minor errors, such as email sent to non-natural disaster, or the email has not been sent to other disaster victims.
Previously, Sony also held a fundraiser last October for victims of natural disasters by selling a special theme for Playstation 4. Users can buy whatever theme they want, and the proceeds will be given to victims of natural disasters.
The extension of this subscription is nothing compared to what happened during the natural disaster. But at least, Sony has the initiative to minimally give a smile on the face of gamers who want to return to activity as usual. Good Job, Sony!
Edited by Fachrul Razi

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