Signed Alexis Due to his Friend's Work, It's The Story of Sahrul Gunawan

Sahrul who now lives a young man turned out to have an interesting story when he first menapakan foot to the hotel is called the 'paradise' the men's capital city.

According to the man called Alul, his arrival to the hotel is not of his own accord.

"In the past I had been run by my friend, 'Where are you going?' It turns out that, just down oh place so, oh yes I've back using taxis, "he said in the area Mampang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (1/11).
Since then, Alul never went to the hotel. He did not blame anyone who wanted to come there.
"After a long time I just found out that the place (Alexis) a place that is famous so, so it's the right of each yes," said this Bogor-born man.
Mentioned whether he agreed or opposed the closure of the hotel? Alul chose to leave it to the community.
"I as a man, I would say refused or not, it would be a controversy. So how the people of Jakarta want the best, "he concluded.

(dms / JPC)

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