Sanctions For Mobile Users When Not Registering Prepaid Cards

Directorate General of PPI Kemkominfo Ahmad Ramli said that a number of sanctions ready to be given to mobile service users do not register. The most serious sanction that users will receive is blocking numbers.

"In the early stages when users do not register their cellular cards, the consequences are not being able to make outgoing calls," said Ahmad Ramli at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo), Jakarta, Wednesday (1/11).

Meet the press about prepaid card registration at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemkominfo), Jakarta, Wednesday (1/11).
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The next risk for those who do not register according to Dirjen PPI is the user will not be able to receive the phone. After that, the heaviest is the user number will be blocked.
"Each is a maximum of 30 days, but 15 days if you get a second warning that the number can not be called will be blocked afterwards," said Ramli.
On the same occasion, the Director General of PPI Kominfo also emphasized that Kemkominfo fully supports the registration option of this prepaid card. Therefore, people are encouraged to do so until the February 2018 deadline.
"To re-register starting October 31, 2017, not ending as a number of news circulating, And ending on February 28, 2018. We hope people do not wait until October 28, 2018," lid Ramli.

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