Sahid Osing Must Be Ready to Sharing Digital Economy

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. Photo: Kemenpar, BANYUWANGI – Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya inaugurated Sahid Osing Resort Kemiren Banyuwangi, Saturday (11/11). The existence of this Resort increasingly increase the number of amenitas located in the eastern tip of Java Island. Menpar in his speech said that Banyuwangi community must be able to manage homestay professionally, in a corporation, using world class hotel chain standard, such as Sahid. Menpar mention, separate ownership with management. In the digital era today, in the tourism has been widespread application of sharing economy or utilization of the use of excess capacity together. "To survive in competition, these homestays must be incorporated in the business network through the sharing economy. Sahid Osing must also be ready to face this, a change to digital that is sure to happen, "said Minister Arief Yahya. Arief also thanked Sahid for continuing to support tourism. Said former Telkom's former president, Sahid is a big name, will definitely bring his customer to Kemiren. "All elements of society in Kemiren village should take advantage of this," he said. In the inauguration ceremony, Menpar accompanied Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas. In addition, he was also the President Director of Sahid Hotels and Resorts Hariyadi Sukamdani, Vice President Commissioner and Daily Deputy Commissioner of Sahid Hotels and Resorts Dra. SB. Wiryanti Sukamdani And the Board of Directors of Sahid Hotels & Resorts, Management of Sahid Osing Kemiren Banyuwangi. Sahid Osing Resort Kemiren Banyuwangi has an area of ​​7,600 square meters, with 10 Villa and 16 Rooms facilities, located in Kemiren Tourist Village. The resort will support the provision of services to tourists, as it provides more accommodation options. "Banyuwangi will also be more advanced and bigger tourism if Banyuwangi Airport becomes International Airport. Bapak Regent hopefully can finish in October 2018, "said Minister of Tourism Sahid Hotels and Resorts Hariyadi Sukamdani said, the tourism sector proved as one of the sector of local revenue booster (PAD). And encourage economic growth in Banyuwangi area. The reason that makes Sahid Hotels & Resorts with a very optimistic to make an investment. For the development and management of Hotel Sahid Osing Kemiren Banyuwangi in cooperation with the Government of Banyuwangi Regency as the owner.

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