Rudolf Turkey bows out, 15 November 2017


          Today, in its pre-publication magazine, Hiroko Nagakura's manga Rudolf Turkey has come to an end after five years of loyal service. The series was pre-published since 2012 in Harten's magazine seinen. Enterbrain publisher.The series will have seven volumes in total, the last opus is expected for December 15 in Japan.En France, the series is published by Komikku, the sixth volume is precisely scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, November 16, in bookstores. Note that we also know the mangaka for Witches and Darkness, title in two volumes published by us between 2015 and 2016, still editions Komikku.Synopsis: Rudolf Turkey is a sacred type! Full of ambition, it is the deputy mayor of Gond Land, a kind of Las Vegas fantasy where mixes money, pretty girls, action, casinos and cabarets. Rudolf is a charismatic and important man … but also damn arrogant and insolent! He therefore attracts all the thugs in the area and often finds himself in very complicated situations. If love does not smile, he knows how to do it in politics and business. What are his ambitions and why do he want so much? You will know it between two shots of machine gun, a moment of grace and some tickets!



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