Ron Gilbert announces he wants to break the codes of the RPG

Known for having produced numerous titles during the great years of the point-and-click, the American designer Ron Gilbert (Penny Arcade Adventures, DeathSpank, The Cave) recently indicated on the social network Twitter that he wished to make a RPG without the elements that make it a RPG … Basically, he wants to explode the current codes with an innovative title that does not offer inventory, statistics evolving with levels or even talent trees.

Working on an action RPG prototype with no inventory, no levelable stats, no skill trees. It's interesting how easily we get trapped into tropes and follow them without question.
– Ron Gilbert (@grumpygamer) November 10, 2017

The latter indicates to his fans: "I am currently working on an action-RPG prototype without inventory, without stats improvements, and without skill trees. It is interesting to see how we are trapped in tropisms and follow them without asking any questions. " In other tweets, Ron Gilbert acknowledges that this is only experimental and that this does not mean that his next production will necessarily be an RPG or action-RPG.
A trailer for Thimbleweed Park
Last game in date where Ron Gilbert helped for writing, programming and design.

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