Ringo Sheena to Release Second Self-Cover Album This December

An eccentric singer famous among Japanese and international music lovers, Ringo Sheena will be releasing her latest album that will sing the song she has ever made for others.

Eccentric singer who is famous among Japanese music lovers named Ringo Sheena is indeed unceasingly giving a surprise through his music that can play in various genres ranging from alternative rock, punk rock, experimental, jazz, electronica, and baroque pop.
Now, the singer born November 25, 1978 in Saitama is ready to launch his new album.

Ringo Sheena's new album will be titled Gyakuyunyuu ~ Koukuukyoku ~ or in English Reimport Vol.2: Civil Aviation Bureau and released on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 under the label EMI Records / Universal Music.
This album contains songs that Sheena once created for others and this time will be brought back by him. This album is the second series of Gyakuyunyuu where the first series was released on May 27, 2014 and titled Gyakuyunyuu: Kouwankyoku.

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This self-cover album will contain eleven songs and is sold in two editions. The limited edition edition of the album is priced at 3780 yen and wrapped in hardcover books and the regular edition of the album will be priced at 3240 yen (about Rp 386 thousand).

The album will also feature a song made by Sheena titled "Usurahi Shinjuu" previously sung by the legendary seumiyu Megumi Hayashibara and become the opening theme of Shouwa Genraku Rakugo Shinjuu's first season that has aired in January 2016.
Here's a list of songs on Gyakuyunyuu ~ Koukuukyoku ~ album:
Jinsei wa Yumedarake (original singer: Mitsuki Takahata)
Oishii Kisetsu (original singer: Chiaki Kuriyama)
Shonen Robot (original singer: Sakarie Tomo)
Anya no Shinjuu Tate (original singer: Sayuri Ishikawa)
Usurahi Shinjuu (original singer: Megumi Hayashibara)
Juukinzokusei no Onna (original singer: Ichigo Ichie (Eri Fukatsu))
Otona no Okite (original singer: Donuts Hole)
Naute no Dorobou Neko (original singer: Sayuri Ishikawa)
Kareinaru Gyakushuu (original singer: SMAP)
Yasei no Doumei (original singer: Kou Shibasaki)
Saihate ga Mitai (original singer: Sayuri Ishikawa)

Ringo Sheena herself has been a career in the music industry from 1998 and has released five albums throughout her career.
Two albums from Ringo Sheena titled Muzai Moratorium (1999) and Shouso Strip (2000) successfully sold millions of copies in Japan. International musicians such as Lenny Kravitz, Courtney Love, and Mika admitted that they are big fans of Ringo Sheena.
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