Riko Simanjuntak Soon to Join Persija Jakarta?

Riko Simanjuntak is rumored to soon be joining Persija Jakarta after the club reinforced in the competition Traveljek League 1 League 2017, Semen Padang, certainly relegated and must play in League 2 for next season. Is it true that small winger nan lively will be recruited Persija?
"Yes, there is talk with Persija. However, until now I can not say it for sure because there is no paper signed, "said Riko Simanjuntak some time ago.
"Pak Gede Widiade (President Director of Persija Jakarta) has spoken to me and I am very happy with the opportunity, but until now there is no certainty," he said.
Former Persegres Gresik United player also revealed that not only Persija Jakarta who are interested in him, there are several other clubs who also try to approach him. Most likely, Riko Simanjuntak will leave Semen Padang and accept the proposal of another club.
"Yesterday there had been contacts from Mitra Kukar and also Sriwijaya FC. However, only limited contact. Later if there is a certain course all will know, "said this Batak bloody player.
The role of Riko Simanjuntak for Semen Padang during the competition season of Traveljek Liga 1 2017 is quite significant. Individual movement often makes opponent players overwhelmed. Just a shame, the appearance of Riko Simanjuntak is not supported with matching results. Semen Padang also had to come down the caste next season.


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