Rian D'MASIV Called Phenomenal Band Rice Era 2000s

jpnn.com – Vocalist D'MASIV, Ryan Ekky Pradipta welcomes the return of the band Padi to the country music industry. He claimed to have followed the rock band since teenage so much memories. "If talking about Rice many memories, the most we often bring fermented rice festivals.Pob so a mandatory song we also bring," said Rian D'MASIV when found in JavaPos.com Cikini, Central Jakarta, Monday (13/11). "The rice was phenomenal, from 1999 to early 2000 there were two phenomenal bands, the first Shelila on 7 and the second Padi, both of my idols.Rain back again the original formation, certainly very happy," he added Not only just idolize, No Got Nyali also collected the release of Padi album. Rian D'MASIV has all Padi albums from first to last released. Luckily again, he had the opportunity to perform collaboration when Padi perform concert last weekend. Rian D'MASIV also took advantage of the moment to request the signature of the band filled with Ari (guitar), Fadly (vocals), Yoyo (drums), Rindra (bass), and Piyu (guitar). "I complete the cassette of his album Padi, CD also, Pas reunion yesterday I had time to ask for autograph, because I can be said Padi Padi," he said. As is known, rock band Padi, officially returned after a vacuum for 7 years. The return of the group formed since 1997 was marked by a solo concert held yesterday. In order to mark his comeback, Rice prepares various surprises. Starting from a mini-series about the band's journey that soon aired on private television stations, comeback concerts, new singles, to concert tour. Source: Jawapos.com

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