Region in Tangerang It Was Sentenced As A Slum Village, Now Growing Worldwide

News Warta Report, Andika Panduwinata
WARTA KOTA, TANGERANG – The RW 01 neighborhood Babakan Village, Tangerang District, Tangerang City is convicted of slums by the local government.
But now the location has been worldwide with the existence of tourist objects built by local residents.
This was revealed directly by Babakan urban village, Abu Sofyan. He explained that his people are eager to change his village that is considered slum.
The original idea of ​​the local people to create creative territory with the concept of color – colorful.
And was built Kampung Bekelir which is currently the latest tourist destination in Tangerang City.
"Previously the Kampung Bekelir area was considered a slum village, and thank God thanks to the cooperation of the community, now the region becomes tourism," said Abu Sofyan when met at the Central Government Building Tangerang City, Tuesday (14/11/2017).
According to Abu, the slums are densely populated and settled.
So it looks so dirty.
Moreover his position crossed with Cisadane.

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