Recommendation of 5 Indonesian Movies in November that You Must Watch

Rows of Indonesian movies from horror to romantic drama are ready to welcome you in November. But if you're confused about what to watch, here's a list of recommended November Indonesian films.
1The Rain of June

Although the title is Rain in June, but the film is lifted from the novel by Sapardi Djoko Damono became one of the most eagerly awaited drama of Indonesia in November.
Directed by Reni Nurcahyo, the June Rain Movie tells the story of a young lecturer of Japanese Literature at the University of Indonesia named Pingkan (Velove Vexia) who had the opportunity to study in Japan for two years. On the other hand, Sarwono (Duke of Dolken) feels sad to know he has to part with Pingkan. But it is this test that makes the relationship of two lovebirds to be very interesting.
The June Rain Movie is scheduled to air on November 2nd, 2017.
2Casing Skull

Indonesian films in November will also be filled by horror films. This time it is the turn of Gasing Skull by director Jose Poernomo who is ready to haunt the audience in the cinema.
Gasing Skull tells the story of a diva named Veronica (Nikita Willy). In the middle of the stage, he suddenly fell unconscious and fainted. To restore his condition, Veronica asked to go to a luxury villa away from the crowd.
Instead of getting better, the villa even caused horrible terror for Veronica. It is said that someone deliberately harm Veronica by playing skull gasing. Then what about Veronica's fate next?
Gasing Skull appear in the cinema of the country starting on November 2, 2017.
3My Generation

Name Upi Avianto who sat in the director's chair is enough to be the reason why this movie worth to watch. In addition, a row of young stars such as Bryan Warow, Arya Vasco, Lutesha and Alexandra Kosasie provide an aura for the film that captures the reality of this teenage life.
My Generation tells about the friendship of four high school kids, Zeke (Bryan Warow), Konji (Arya Vasco), Suki (Lutesha), and Orly (Alexandra Kosasie). These four friends must acknowledge the fact that their holidays have failed and fall apart because of their protest videos for teachers, schools and parents to become viral. As a result they are forced to undergo severe punishment.
But the name of teenagers, they were rebellious and decided to undergo a meaningful adventure.
My Generation starts airing in theaters on November 9, 2017.
4Marlina the Killer in Four Rounds

The next Indonesian film in November is Marlina the Killer in Four Rounds.
Telling a story about a young widow comes from the hills on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. Attacked and robbed by a group of gangs, Marlina defends herself by killing several men.
The next day, he went on a journey seeking justice, empowerment and redemption. But the road was long, especially when the ghost of the headless victim haunted him.
The movie, starring Marsha Timothy, will air from 16 November 2017.
5Inner Eyes

In addition to Gasing Skull, Indonesian film in November will also be filled by another horror film entitled Mata Batin. Telling a woman named Alia (Jessica Mila) who decided to leave Bangkok and return to Jakarta after her parents died.
He and his brother, Abel (Bianca Hello), also moved to their childhood home away from the crowds of the city. But since his move, Abel felt uncomfortable, even Abel's attitude increasingly worrisome.
Alia who initially ignored the strangeness experienced by Abel, in kahirnya should help his brother who is said to be able to see "those who are dead".
The Inner eye starts airing in theaters on November 30, 2017.

Well the November Indonesia movie which you have been waiting for?

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