Prince Harry: His beard is controversial …

                    Having left the Army for two years does not exempt Prince Harry from respecting the codes during his official appearances in ceremonial uniform: in any case what an officer judged acrimoniously after the participation of the young man at memorial commemorations on Remembrance Sunday, November 12, 2017 in London.
Absent the day before the Festival of Remembrance which honored at Royal Albert Hall the memory of fallen soldiers on the 99th anniversary of the armistice of the First World War, Prince Harry (33 years) was present on the other hand for Remembrance Sunday, sits next to his brother William in front of the Cenotaph of Whitehall. Under the watchful eye of Queen Elizabeth II and the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, the two young men seriously observed their father Prince Charles laying a wreath in the name of the monarch, before doing the same.
Wearing his uniform of the Blues and Royals, the British Cavalry (Household Cavalry) regiment he left at the rank of captain and whose queen is colonel-in-chief, Prince Harry, who was all smiles the night before at Twickenham for the England-Argentina rugby match, showed the recollection and gravity that sits in such circumstances, but also the beautiful and reddish beard that he adopted in recent weeks. "Prince Harry makes us all ashamed, the beards have no place in the Queen's cavalry, he should have shaved it for such an important day," complained a career member of the regiment, according to reports reported by the Daily Mail.
If the British army forbids the beard (with rare and very specific exceptions), the Ministry of Defense, solicited by the British daily on this point, guaranteed the choice of the interested person not to deprive himself of his pilosity Facial: "He is no longer an officer on duty and, in this respect, no longer obeys any of these rules, but as a member of the royal family, his duties sometimes require him to wear uniform of an associate regiment and he does it with a beard, just as his great-great-grandfather did before him. " At his side, Prince William and Prince Andrew, they were on the other hand shaved of costs …
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