Post-Cake, Via Vallen Invites Families to Worship Umrah!

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Post-Cake, Via Vallen Invite Families to Worship Umrah! – As already known that the newcomer dangdut singer namely Via Vallen was a success in the entertainment world. Even his name at this time much dieluh-eluhkan though his fans.
Just like the other artists, recently the singer born in Sidoarjo, East Java is joining in to do culinary business contemporary. Via opened his first cake shop in Yogyakarta some time ago.

It seems enthusiastic from the fans was very high to the Via. It is seen at the opening of the store that many fans who have long queued to be able to meet directly with Via and tested the cake.

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Success with singing and cake business that has just been pioneered, of course, income obtained by Via Vallen is not little. Even some time later outstanding wages received Via once gig to tens of millions.
Success in a career certainly does not make Via blind directly to his worship to the creator. He also did not enjoy his own success. Singer who skyrocketed thanks to this darling song also has managed to do one of his ideals.
Copyright © Instagram / viavallenYap, Via Vallen has managed to bring his entire family to go worship to the holy land. "Alhamdulillahh, one of my dreams to go to the holy land of the family has accomplished. thanks Allah swt for this extraordinary pleasure 😇😇😇Ps: this in fotoin pake other people because I do not bring hape 😂 it will focus on where 😅 "Write Via on posting his picture on instagram.
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Visible on his photo uploads Thursday, November 23 shows Via along with his family members standing near the Kaaba. Raut happy also appeared blatantly clear on the face of beautiful Via who can run umrah worship together with his family. knowing that Via Vallen is successful on his achievement to go this umrah too much to congratulate.
"Lancar Ya ka Via and the family of worship @ viavallen😘😘😘 …. Hopefully protected and blessed by god swt … .. The spirit ka Ibadahe💪💪💪 … .VYNISTY ALL INDONESIA IS VERY ROSE Ka @ viavallen😘😘😘 @ viavallen😘😘😘❤ ❤❤ "Said netter.
"Alhamdulillah .. may pray" kak @viavallen and family granted by Allah SWT ,, amiin 😇👍👍 "Another connection.
"Allhamdullilah congratulations ea mbk via may worship blessing for klrga. Aamiin ya robbalallaminn "Said netter.

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