Persib Apologize To Bobotoh, Gian Zola: That's Not Enough!

Young midfielder Persib Bandung, Gian Zola Nasrulloh, felt very struck with the defeat of Perseru Serui at home in the last game Travelball competition competition Travelball League 1 2017. According to Gian Zola, apologize to Bobotoh not enough for Persib squad.
"Yes maybe I can say, representing the players, so what else?" Gian Zola Nasrulloh said after the match Persib vs Perseru held at the Stadium Si Jalak Harupat Bandung, West Java.
"Apologizing (to Bobotoh) may not be enough, but how else? I as a player apologize profusely to Bobotoh in this closing match was disappointing results, "he continued.
"Maybe I myself feel sad and embarrassed because I am also a native of Bandung. I am in the match also can not give more contribution because the new play in the final minutes and rain too. Hopefully wrote in the future Persib in the next season could be better, "please close friend Febri Hariyadi this.
Regret over the defeat Persib Bandung Perseru Serui also helped make senior midfielder, Hariono, spoke up. "I understand the conditions are all currently disappointed," he said.
"… but hopefully Bobotoh is still willing to accept my apology and friends even though we failed to give the best tonight," added Hariono.
"I apologize also with the achievements this season, I understand and accept criticism. It's a sign of Bobotoh's love for Persib and we accept it also because of Persib love. Because we also do not want Persib slumped, "he concluded.


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