"Our couple is very balanced"

                    Faustine Bollaert makes the perfect love with the writer Maxime Chattam, whom she met in 2011 on Europe 1 and married a year later. In an interview with our colleagues from Nous deux, the former leader of Meilleur Pastry (M6), now in charge of Ça starts today (France 2), gives some confidences about her relationship with her husband.

I bring him back to earth, he takes me to the stars
"I did not marry her by chance," confesses the 38-year-old. If she is very down-to-earth, he is rather dreamy … "He knows how to build a life full of fantasy and dreams," she continues, "When he tells us stories, I never know if he is true or if he embarks me in a magical story, because he has the gift of making the daily a little crazy. "
Living with Maxime Chattam, who specializes in crime fiction, is a "privilege" for Faustine Bollaert because "he is not anchored in reality" and helps him "break with the weight of everyday life". "Our couple is very balanced, I bring it back to earth, and it takes me to the stars," she summarizes nicely.
I am proud of my children
Together, the lovers are parents of two children: the little Abbie (4 years old) and the little Peter (2 years old). The young mother confides to want to transmit to them certain values ​​which are dear to her, like the "benevolence, the tolerance and the respect". And although her children are still very young, the host says she is "proud" of them, and especially of her little girl, "so happy at the idea of ​​finding her friends and not at all in [ses] skirts".
At the height of his 4 years, Abbie is "independent" and "goes to life" as entrusted by his mother. "I sometimes find that she leaves maternal protection a little too quickly, but I am delighted to see her feed on others and to love people, and having the taste of others is fundamental," says Faustine Bollaert.
An interview to be found in full in the pages of the magazine Nous deux, currently on newsstands.

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