Official Divorce from Tiara Dewi, Lucky Hakim: Alhamdulillah!

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Official Divorce from Tiara Dewi, Lucky Hakim: Alhamdulillah! – After bearing the status of widower for the second time how is the response from Lucky Hakim. Do both also decide to knit hospitality again after the separation yesterday?
The divorce that befell Lucky and Tiara apparently did not make their relationship end. In fact both of them also claimed will continue to establish friendship even though their status is not husband and wife anymore.

Recognition has been made by Lucky after he read the pledge of talak at the South Jakarta Religious Court on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Lucky said if he was still in communication with his ex-wife.

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"Never met at all, but the communication continues," said Lucky Hakim to the media crew. Not just about the relationship that must be guarded tetao by both but also the issue of divorce.
The man who also became a politician felt that Tiara Dewi had established themselves to part. The statement given by Lucky is not without reason, especially about the steps that have been taken during the case runs.
Copyright © InstagramLucky feels that Tiara chooses to collect evidence of divorce instead of having to appeal. The action was taken when the grace period given by the court to both.
"The last communication is precisely Tiara asking. 'Whose divorce deed is mas?'. I replied, 'I am not the one who issued, the one who issued the court'. So we can wait a week to two weeks, "explained Lucky Hakim.
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Communications are still running well that eventually made the panel of judges ask Lucky to give things to his ex-wife. The request was finally responded positively by giving jewelry to Tiara Dewi.
By giving the goods this is meant to symbolize if both parted well. "It shows our good parting. Alhamdulillah well, though baseball met does not mean baseball either, "said Lucky Hakim.
That is the explanation given by Lucky about the end of his household with Tiara. Not even a couple of celebrity couples had to split up because of their family problems.

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