Not Just Son of the President, This Artist Also Complain The Service Of A Famous Provider, Boros Banget!

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Social media is one of the open containers to shed unek-unek its users.
One of the popular is Instagram, Instagram Story feature that only lasted 24 hours was often used by celebrities to deliver a message to the public.
Not infrequently the artists replied to each other satire that led to the news.
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Like Nikita Mirzani who spilled her disappointment on a cellular provider.
Previously Kaesang Pangarep also gives a sign that he admitted to being very wasteful when using the provider.

Instagram / tante_rempoong () Apparently not only the two of them, consumers who have felt the same are also exchanging stories.
"red mah boong, i bought 6gb when i check again the details bnyak bner 2gb noon malem, 1.5gb malem, 500mb local data, 2gb bonus wifi, wifi wifi what wifi for smpe skrg ga prnah mke," comment @annakbecassie .
"Iyaaa is now more expensive aja.Conon not until a minute abis byk," said @ gerd2426.

"bener, nih semalem new content 7gb yg tiba2 kouta live 1gb. cemmanalah this ..capacity kalilah," added @jojo_achmad.
"PLEASE fix it #TELKOMSEL if it has many complaints like this, do not get in HACK again gara2 overpriced and others @ telkomsel," wrote @ simplebag7775. ( Manila)

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