Not For The Fear! Here's a Dear David Returning Appearance Twitter

        Having previously discussed the beginning of the appearance of Dear David, there are still many people who are difficult to believe the story. However, it seems that they will start believing after seeing a direct appearance of David.

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Source: @moby_dickheadWhen things become viral in a short time, there will definitely be two camps that begin to form: those who believe, and those who do not. This is what experienced by the follower Adam Ellis after the comic tells his encounter with a mythical creature named David who "lived" in his apartment.

Through a thread he wrote on Twitter, Adam Ellis told of a series of strange happenings in his residence, such as the nightmares he continues to experience, his strange cat behavior, repeatedly getting calls from unknown numbers, to self-propelled items.
When looking at it, surely many people feel skeptical and think that Adam is just a seeker attention. However, we must remember that he was a famous webtoon maker long before telling about the figure of Dear David.
During his vacation in Japan, Adam did not tell too much about David, and only told his experience of seeing a statue with a form that looked very much like David.
However, not long after his vacation ended Adam actually met directly with the figure of David is much more sinister than before.

This might be long, but stick with me. Last night I dreamed about him again. It was almost exactly the same as the first time I saw him.
– Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017

According to one of his tweets, Adam told of one of his dreams in which he returned to sleep paralysis when David reappeared next to him.
Adam explains that he tried his best to move one of his limbs while David just looked at him who was half paralyzed.
When he feels that David will stand up and move toward his body, Adam's hand can be moved immediately and he immediately reflexively took the phone and photographed the creature in the middle of the darkness.
What happened next turned out to be far more terrible. Adam described David's movement as a paraplegic trying to reach him, and when David was right in front of him he tried to whisper something.
His whole body became stiff, and Adam could do nothing but look into David's eyes that gradually turned white before finally waking in a state of shock.

The encounter should have been nothing more than a dream, and it was impossible for Adam to take a picture of David who would attack his body. However, in fact a far more sinister thing had happened that night.
A few days after the incident, Adam found some photographs he took in the "dream", and it turns out in some photographs figure we can see the figure of David sitting.
Source: @moby_dickheadFor the first time, Adam manages to show Dear David's figure to everyone who doubts his story. This obviously re-receives a very diverse response from its follower, from feeling that this is a hoax, suggesting to call a paranormalist, to try to find out the past from his present place.
Many people who doubt this Dear David story also actually have a fairly clear reason, because they feel the experience of Adam as a comic artist has made himself able to do various editing to design the whole story of David?

What do you think? Is the whole story of Dear David nothing more than a fictional essay made by Adam Ellis? Or is this story too real to keep you from sleeping? Immediately write your opinion in the comment well!
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