Nostalgia Game Online Indonesia Close. Is There a Game That Favorites You?

How does it feel if the online game you play, where you have struggled to level up, enrich the character, even marry other people's opposite character, but one day online game that closed the service? Surely you may be annoyed, but you must be willing to accept it.
Playing online games (especially the free ones) can indeed be one option to experience alternative life in another world. It is undeniable, but most of the characters in the online gaming world, may look better than the players in the real world. But it is more commonly seen in the world of MMORPG, especially for the MMORPG with the theme of funny things.
But what happens if the online game developers spread the announcement that the online game you play will be closed? Of course it hurts, but that's the reality. All the struggles you have just gone away so you have to start from scratch through an existing online game or a new online game.
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Surely even if you play other online games, you still want to feel your memories in the old online game that you play. Here the author will try to review a number of Indonesian online games that closed and never popular in his time before finally closed.
1SD Gundam Online
The author's first choice is SD Gundam Online from the Megaxus developer. This game tells you as a Mobile Suit pilot that was deformed to SD grade. This online game in addition to running PvP mode, you can also run the PvE mission with other players.
It's just unfortunate that the only Gundam-themed free online game in Indonesia should be closed. Online gaming service SD Gundam Online has been closed since March 2015.
2Crazy Kart 2
Crazy Kart 2 or better known as Crazy Kart alone is an online racing game that brings you exciting races with other players with a unique go-kart modification. Even for some paid items, you can use go-karts that look like real cars in the real world, like Lamborgini, Ferrari, and even Metro Mini.
The only go-kart racing game online should also accept the fate of service closure. This online gaming service was closed in May 2015.
3Grand Chase
Who does not know Grand Chase. The most phenomenal online side-scrolling game is enough to make the players drunk good from the story, design, and character problems. Because of its popularity, quite a lot of Grand Chase players who want to cosplaykan Grand Chase characters.
It is unfortunate that this server-closing online game is in Indonesia in April 2014, followed by the closing of services globally by early 2015. But it is rumored that a community makes its own Grand Chase to be played globally.
4S4 League
S4 League is one of the online shooting games that will be full of style. In addition to fighting, you also have to think about your style before going down to the battlefield. What's more, this is a third-person view game so you can style your own character.
Although this is a shooting game, but melee weapon that they serve no less cool than guns shot him. Because of these features, sometimes many players are more often played in the melee weapon mode.
Unfortunately, this stylish game suddenly closed. This game closed in July 2015 and only lasted about 3 years.
5Seal Online
Seal Online is a MMORPG game that has a character design as well as an environment such as a city and monsters that are very characteristic of its sameness. Maybe I can say that this is one of the cute MMORPG is quite legend until the closing time.
It is a pity that this cute MMORPG legend should close its service. This online game finally officially closed in July 2017.

A number of Indonesian online games that close the author's choice of service. Maybe there are still many other Indonesian online closing games that provide great memories for you who play it.
Edited by Doni Jaelani

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