New trailer for Crisis on Earth-X crossover

After a first very short teaser for the annual CW crossover named Crisis on Earth-X, here is a second, slightly longer one, which allows us to have a better preview of what awaits us in two weeks. A new trailer for Crisis on Earth-XThis trailer is narrated by a serious voice, most likely that of one of the villains of Earth-X, who threatens to kill all loved ones of our heroes. An ultra-classic threat, but is it really bad when we talk about a Nazi invasion? On this voice scroll images of Nazi soldiers, an Oliver Queen wearing the outfit, or the destruction of a church (the one where Barry and Iris get married). So a serious tone, which sees its apotheosis during a storm identical to that which had caused the swift force at the end of season 3 of The Flash. Would Barry still have something to do with these events? Wentworth Miller will play Citizen Cold Plus, the synopsis of the event was also revealed. If he does not tell us anything more about the plot, he still announces the presence of a new character: Citizen Cold, obviously played by Wentworth Miller. Indeed, this identity is what Leonard Snart takes in the Flashpoint event, where he is a hero. One can then wonder from which Earth it comes, question to which the most obvious answer is Earth-X. If our heroes have become evil over there, maybe this is the case for some villains. Less likely: it could be the Citizen Cold of the Flashpoint that created Barry at the beginning of the season 3. In any case, this apparition will be one of the last of the actor in CW-verse, as it l in a statement. A crossover that will make you cry It is the site The Hollywood Reporter that producers of different series have expressed themselves, and especially on the crossover. Thus, Wendy Miracle (Arrow), in addition to announcing that Oliver Queen will have a great role to play, reminds us that this crossover will be particularly moving, a dark love story, and that no one will see what happens. This is corroborated by Phil Klemmer (Legends of Tomorrow), which ensures that the audience will be surprised to see that the Legends are able to make them cry, which is in the sense of a sacrifice on the part of Martin Stein.

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