New salvo of marketing stops at Delcourt / Tonkam, November 14, 2017


          The year 2017 is decidedly marked by numerous stoppages at Delcourt / Tonkam. After a few titles (especially limited editions unavailable for a long time) at the beginning of the year, then a much larger announcement last spring, and Dreamin 'Sun a few weeks ago, the publisher, via its broadcaster Delsol, announces the end of marketing of 26 other series and one-shot.These marketing stops will take effect on January 1, 2018, and bookseller returns will be accepted until March 31.Notons it is almost only series ended since a certain time or even several years, but among these we find works that were quite emblematic of the editor, the titles of Kaori Yuki in mind. The only exception: Swordgaï, which was left behind by the publisher since the release of volume 5 in January 2016. In Japan, this series is completed in 6 volumes, but has been experiencing a season 2 since 2016 under the name Swordgaï Evolve. Affected titles are therefore: Comte CainDance in the Vampire BundDance in the Vampire Bund – Sledge HammerDevore MeDive in the Vampire BundKid SoldierFragmentGod ChildGravel KingdomHikaru no Go (only single edition, characters guide included) JournalistKainneLily the LiarMad Love ChaseMagicNot ready SenseiParapalPrince Game PuzzleS FriendSeiyukaSwordgaiSyndrome 1866The Royal Doll OrchestraVampire Host (simple and deluxe editions) Yuu Watase Best Selection

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